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Duck - Colleyville, TX

Gary and Ginger enjoy watching the waterfowl at the park across the street from their home in Colleyville, Texas. They even have names for many of the birds. When they saw their "Anabel" in trouble, the victim of a senseless crime, they did the right thing.
- September 2016, Colleyville, TX

Scrub Jay - Colorado Springs CO

This scrub jay nestling was rescued by Melanie after a domestic animal disturbed his nest. She used the Animal Help Now app on her iPhone to find the closest wildlife helper and then met the helper with the bird to get him to safety.
- June 2015, Colorado Springs, CO

Bat - Broomfield CO

This bat was found on a street exhausted and unable to fly by Maureen while she was conducting a canine social skills class. She and others from the class secured him in a bucket. They used the Animal Help Now app to find the nearest source of assistance and drove the bat there, where he received fluids and a health assessment. He made a full recovery and was released the next day.
-June 2015, Broomfield, CO

Bunny - Upstate NY

This little cottontail was rescued by a caring individual after a dog destroyed his nest. The finder used the Animal Help Now website to find the nearest wildlife rehabilitator.
- April 2015, Upstate NY

Squirrel - Denver, CO

Dan writes: “Thanks to Animal Help Now this sweet 5 week baby is now safe at a rehabber. Not sure how she got in our yard but the dogs found her and kept her between them. She was terrified. I got her in the house on a heating pad and went right to the AHNow app. Thirty­five minutes later she was in the best hands. I am so grateful for this app!”
- April 2015, Denver, CO

Kangaroo Rat - Cave Creek, AZ

Andria writes: “We rescued a baby kangaroo rat yesterday. His mother was run over, and the little guy was in distress. He was young enough that his eyes weren't even open yet, but aside from being scared, he was healthy. We used the Animal Help Now app to find a rescue facility nearby. We were directed to a 24­hour veterinary clinic, where we dropped him off for a wildlife rehabilitator to pick up. Great app!”
- March 2015, Cave Creek, AZ

Towhee - Aspen, CO

This pre­fledge towhee was found on the ground at a trailhead near Aspen, Colorado. Sandra (the finder) saw no nest nearby and waited some time without any sign of the parents. With the sun going down and the temperature dropping, Sandra used Animal Help Now and was directed to a local veterinarian who treats wildlife. The bird was stabilized and given a good chance at survival.
- July 2012, Aspen CO

Nessy was found running along a busy street in Denver. A resourceful Animal Help Now user used the phone app to find a vet, where a successful microchip scan yielded the guardian's contact information and the two were quickly reunited.

This injured and starving pigeon was found along Interstate 70 in Golden. The person used the Animal Help Now app to find Wild B.I.R.D., where she was stabilized and her rehabilitation began.

Merlin was brazenly stolen from Jamie right in front of their home. Jamie contacted Animal Help Now, where he received guidance and support. Said Jamie, whose subsequent hard work resulted in Merlin's return, "I doubt I would have found Merlin had I not contacted you."

John R writes: "The mobile app showed me that DDFL's Buddy Center was in my area, with a 24hr drop-off. So I put the cat in the carrier and took him to DDFL where he spent the night safe and warm and out of the reach of our neighborhood pack of coyotes. Thanks, Animal Help Now!"

Diane A. rescued this field mouse from her cat companion. She used Animal Help Now to find a rehabber, who gave her instructions for overnight care and picked up the mouse the next morning.

Brownie had a rough go of it. Abandoned, scared and wandering miles each day for more than a month to survive. Animal Help Now was used to contact Boulder County animal control, which helped trap him. He received veterinary care and was promptly adopted from Boulder Valley Humane Society.

Tammy found this newborn kitten in the bushes outside her house. She waited but the mother did not come. Through, she reached the after-hours emergency line for the Northeast Tarrant County Humane Society (TX), which helped her provide life-saving first-response care.

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