Animal Help Now - a website and free phone app - helps you find immediate and appropriate assistance for the full range of animal-related emergencies, day or night, 24/7.

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Dave Crawford Executive Director, Secretary of the Board, Founder

Dave has been working on animal issues since 1989. He is a co-founder and a former long-time executive director of Rocky Mountain Animal Defense. In this role, Dave convened the first national conference on prairie dogs – the 2001 Prairie Dog Summit – and was central to the founding of the Prairie Dog Coalition. Dave produced the country’s first video exposing conditions inside egg factory farms and led the successful boycott of Nalgene water bottles in protest of the company's support of animal research. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Mass Communication, Dave supports his animal advocacy through technical writing and editing.

Bob Rose President of the Board, Founder

Bob has been an animal advocate for most of his adult life. He started out working on a successful trapping ban in Massachusetts before moving to Colorado in the late 90s. He was a long time member of Rocky Mountain Animal Defense and served as Board President for several years. Vegetarian for most of his life and vegan for the rest, he currently works for Google as a software developer in Boulder, Colorado.

Frank Vernon iOS Developer

Frank has been developing software on Apple platforms for 25 years including R&D stints at both Apple and Metrowerks. He has most recently been focusing on iOS development and implemented the Animal Help Now iPhone application.

Elena Rizzo Research Director and Rehabilitator Liaison

Elena is a Class II, RVS Certified wildlife rehabilitator in New York State. She holds a Master’s Degree in Anthropology an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Business Economics. Her Master’s Research investigated black bear and human interaction in a western U.S. National Park. Elena worked as an epidemiologist for the NYS Department of Health’s Bureau of Communicable Disease Control for more than 10 years prior to joining Animal Help Now in January 2014.

Brian Field Assistant Manager

Brian attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with minors in Anthropology and Philosophy from the University of Colorado, and a Master’s Degree from the University of California, Berkeley, in Social Planning and Community Organization, with a minor in Public Administration. His most recently held full-time employment was Director of Arapahoe County Department of Human Services in Arapahoe County, Colorado. He is a member and supporter of a number of animal rights and animal welfare organizations, including People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, Animal Help Now, Southern Plains Land Trust and Mercy for Animals. He has participated in prairie dog relocation, circus demonstrations, protests of dog labs at the University of Colorado, fur protests, and leafleting and education for a number of issues affecting animals. He is currently focused on the domestic animal data and functionality for Animal Help Now.

Jill Bielawski Social Media Coordinator

Jill is an award-winning animal rights advocate who has successfully lobbied for animals from pigeons to prairie dogs in Boulder. Jill has worked and volunteered for several animal advocacy nonprofits, including Rocky Mountain Animal Defense, where she served as the volunteer media coordinator for a decade. A deep connection to animals and nature has always provided her best inspiration to write, and she seeks to spread awareness about the lives of the furry, feathered and finned. Her specialty is rabbits. Jill has a degree in journalism and has supported Animal Help Now as an editor since its inception.

Katherine Hall Texas Representative

From 2007-2001, Katherine was the director of outreach and research at KittiCo Cat Rescue, a low-cost spay neuter clinic with clients in over 165 cities in North Central Texas, where she researched how to motivate low-income clients to seek care for their animals, tracking and documenting the impact of spay neuter in select zip code areas, with emphasis on cats cared for by elderly, disabled, and low-income people. Katherine also has served as manager of the Southern Methodist University Feral Cat Program from 2000 to 2005, with several previous years in animal rescue. Katherine has raised over $1,000,000 in funding to help animals, spoken to City Commissions, and worked with Animal Service agencies to educate the public about humane treatment for animals. Katherine is a licensed attorney in Texas.


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For media inquiries please contact David Crawford,, 303-543-0755.