Funders and Supporters


Animal Help Now thanks the following foundations for their support: The Best Pets Foundation, The Summerlee Foundation, The Cohn Charitable Fund, The Boulder Community Foundation, The Bosack and Kruger Charitable Foundation, The Meadows Foundation, and the Animal Assistance Foundation.


Animal Help Now would not exist without the support of these individuals: Ted Wood-Prince and Dara Shalette, David Worthington and Dr. Julie Staggers, Scott Keating, Alan Boles Jr. and Susan Osborne, Laurie Crawford, Don and Kelly Degnan, Robert and Abby Angell, Adrienne Lorantos, John and Lisa Degnan, Bernadette Sonefeld, and Dyne Stephenson and Roberta Gibbons. Animal Help Now extends special recognition to the late Peggy Crawford for her numerous contributions, financial and otherwise.


Animal Help Now relies on the generosity of our corporate sponsors. These businesses support Animal Help Now through direct financial contributions and/or in-kind donations. They share with Animal Help Now the conviction that wildlife matters and that the public is served by having a free 911 type service for wildlife emergencies.

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While your donations are always appreciated, this level requires only that you display an Animal Help Now donation container and literature in your store! We will gladly provide you with both.

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Product Donations:

Animal Help Now is always looking for product donations for events and online promotional contests. If you are a cruelty-free company willing to donate any amount of your product, please contact us right away! We are open to discussing any offer, and depending on the value of your product donation, we would be happy to give you Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum benefits as a thank you!

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