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vimeo thumbnail of chicken in heat experiment

Honoring mothers on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day we at Animal Help Now (AHNow) think not only of our own mothers, but of all mothers. And that’s not just humans. Nor just wildlife. AHNow follows vegan and low-impact principles in its purchasing policies and promotes…

A spade.

Euthanasia: The Quiz.

It’s time for a new term. Anthrothanasia, perhaps? Euthanasia is defined as a kind death, generally applying to animals outside our own species, mostly to our animal companions, whom we deem to no longer have (or to soon no longer…

Person slipping and falling

Watch your step! In 2018 more than ever.

It’s a cold, sunny day, and you’re strolling alone on a sidewalk in an unfamiliar neighborhood in an unfamiliar town. Enjoying the new sights and sounds, you don’t notice the black ice patch until it’s too late. You hear your…