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History repeats itself Has to No one listens

“History repeats itself.” I coined that!

People advocate for animals in so many different ways, but ever popular is the protest. Make some signs. Alert the media. Congregate. Educate. Actually, protests went out of favor following 9 If you were objecting to pretty much anything happening in…

Esther the Wonder Pig

Torture, Love and Liberation

I’ve often thought people who support torture should submit to it. Not necessarily to the extent Christopher Hitchins did, but at some level. Stand in a cold shower for five minutes, or tear off a fingernail, or poke your armpit with an exacto-knife.…

CO Gives AHNow

Strength in Numbers

I’m always grateful to live in Boulder County and never more so than during giving season when AHNow participates in Colorado Gives Day, an annual statewide campaign to increase philanthropy through online donations. Last year, generous individuals and companies gave…