Person slipping and falling

Watch your step! In 2018 more than ever.

It’s a cold, sunny day, and you’re strolling alone on a sidewalk in an unfamiliar neighborhood in an unfamiliar town. Enjoying the new sights and sounds, you don’t notice the black ice patch until it’s too late. You hear your forearm break as you hit the frozen concrete. You cry out.

The fracture is compound. There’s a new bend just above your wrist. The pain hasn’t yet hit, but you feel sick.

The sound of hurried footsteps offers some relief, as you try to breathe and gather your thoughts.

You look up to see a person quickly approaching. He looks a bit panicked and before you can warn him, he too slips on the ice. Thankfully he isn’t hurt and is quickly back on his feet, but when he sees your injury he gets woozy and takes a knee.

Another person arrives. This one is a bit circumspect. She too kneels next to you, but her countenance is one of calm and concern. She looks you in the eye and asks if you have injured anything other than your arm. Thankfully, you don’t think so.

She then removes her coat and wraps it around your shoulders. She directs her attention to the other person, asks him if he’s OK, tells him to take some deep breaths and then directs him to attend to you while she gets her car.

Now, in case you haven’t guessed, this is a bit of a parable. In the context of Animal Help Now, it can be read rather literally, which is to say if you come upon an emergency, keep your head. But I mean it also in a larger sense.

Person walking with AHNow logo
AHNow: Dispassionate, Considered, Expert.

An argument that the entire world is in a state of emergency is fairly easy to make (wars, famine, ocean plastic, catastrophic climate change, etc.). As to Animal Help Now’s particular corner of the world – the interface between humans and individual wild animals – this argument is easier still. Billions of wild animals are injured or killed in the United States alone every year, from cat and dog attacks, window strikes, vehicle strikes, etc. And as humans continue to leave their mark on the planet, wildlife impacts still do not factor in as they should. Witness this deliberate construction of a bird death trap.

Your broken arm is best addressed through dispassionate, considered, expert care. Helping a bird injured in a window strike is best addressed through dispassionate, considered, expert care. Helping address the myriad and increasing anthropogenic threats to wildlife is best accomplished through dispassionate, considered, expert care.

While concern for others is the font of so many good acts and good efforts, untempered it can lead to incautious and inexpert action.

Which is all simply to say, to those of you who act on your concern for others, please join Animal Help Now in our pledge to do our best in 2018. Watch your step! Those “others” are counting on us like never before.

Happy New Year!

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