About Animal Help Now

Animal Help Now envisions a world in which humans:

  • Respect wildlife
  • Are familiar with the threats facing wildlife and act to minimize them
  • Are educated about wildlife emergencies and empowered to effectively help orphaned, injured and distressed wild animals
  • Are educated about living in harmony with wildlife and empowered to effectively and humanely resolve human/wildlife conflicts
  • Place a high value on the services provided by wildlife rehabilitators, humane wildlife conflict operators and other wildlife experts

Mission: Animal Help Now (AHNow) develops apps that empower humans to help individual animals, especially during crises. AHNow also develops and fosters a public community that lives in greater harmony with all animals.

Animal Help Now's services, available at AHNow.org and through free iPhone and Android apps, leverage digital technologies to serve the public and help animals. The organization's flagship app, Animal Help Now, immediately connects people involved with wildlife emergencies and conflicts with the most appropriate time- and location-specific resources and services. The organization's PHaR app (Pet Help and Rescue) empowers users to quickly and effectively alert and coordinate with their trusted neighbors if their pets need to be evacuated. Animal Help Now serves the entire United States.

Animal Help Now also advocates on behalf of wildlife and educates the public about minimizing everyday threats to wild animals (such as vehicle strikes, window strikes and cat and dog attacks).

Further, Animal Help Now provides guidance on finding assistance for domestic animal emergencies, such as lost and found companion animals, abuse and neglect, etc.


Animal Help Now has been assisting in animal emergencies since 2011. In 2012, the program expanded its wildlife functionality nationally, making it the country's and world's first nationwide wildlife emergency app.

Animal Help Now provides immediate and appropriate assistance for any wildlife emergency, coast to coast. Animal Help Now's database includes more than 3700 helpers, including wildlife rehabilitators, rescues and hotlines, as well as veterinarians who treat wildlife. Animal Help Now even offers access to businesses that humanely resolve conflicts with wildlife, such as raccoons in attics and skunks under porches.

The Animal Help Now program not only serves people who are trying to help animals – and by extension serves the animals themselves – it also serves animal emergency professionals. Equally important, it helps elevate the status of animals in society in that it demonstrates by its very existence that animal emergencies deserve immediate and effective attention.

Please note! The Animal Help Now team is eager to expand its wildlife services internationally and to expand its domestic animal functionality to new states and regions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we might partner together in this regard.

Case for Support

Animal Help Now addresses a need that exists throughout the United States and indeed the world – the need to find immediate assistance for animal emergencies. Each year in this country millions of people need emergency veterinarians, millions of companion animals are lost and found, hundreds of millions of animals – both wildlife and domestic – are injured or killed by motor vehicles, countless animals are abused and neglected, and an untold number of animals are killed or injured in disasters.

Animal Help Now is focused on wildlife emergencies, due to what had been the utter absence of any easy means of finding assistance during emergency incidents – and indeed given the huge number of wild animals impacted by human-related threats.

Estimated Wildlife Incidents Resulting in Deaths and Injuries (United States, Annual)

  • Between 1.3 and 4.0 billion birds killed by domestic cats and dogs (contiguous United States only).
  • Between 6.3 and 22.3 billion mammals killed by domestic cats and dogs (contiguous United States only).
  • Between 365 and 988 million birds killed from striking windows.
  • Four hundred million animals killed by motor vehicles.

For perspective, one billion per year translates to 30 per second.

References for these numbers and additional information can be found here.

The numbers above are gleaned from peer-reviewed research. The numbers of animal injuries from these threats are commonly estimated to be roughly equal to the numbers of deaths.

Even with all the many veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, animal shelters, etc. who do amazing work every day, quickly finding the right help can be hard, especially in a stressful situation, and especially for wildlife.

A Little More on the Nonprofit

Animal Help Now is a project of Animal Watch, a nonprofit 501-C-3 organization dedicated to helping animals. The Animal Watch board is composed of David Crawford, Janet Ingvaldsen and Azi Sharif.

The majority of Animal Help Now's work is done by volunteers - including executives, software developers, editors and writers - who collectively contribute an average of 200 hours per month to the organization. Many of the people behind Animal Help Now have been advocating for animals for decades. Animal Help Now's paid and unpaid staff and advisors are listed here.

For more detail on the organization’s history, click here.

To see a list of our key financial supporters and learn about our corporate partners program, click here.

Animal Help Now thanks our donors, employees and volunteers for helping create and sustain Animal Help Now and thanks you, the user, for making our work worthwhile.

AHNow also thanks the countless and often unheralded individuals who devote their time and often their lives to helping our animal friends. You make this world a better place!

AHNow hopes that its work somehow reflects the respect, love, admiration and gratitude we have for the other species with whom we share this planet, who suffer so dearly at human hands.

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